Annual accounts for partnerships -

Annual accounts for partnerships

Let our experts take care of your annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account) and tax returns.

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Annual accounts for partnerships packages

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Select one of the packages and order your bookkeeping at the same time.

Annual accounts for partnerships: Exceptional services at fair prices

Services of the tax consultant
GoBD-secure storage of your data (GoBD-CD also available)
Electronic delivery of the Einnahmenüberschussrechnung to the tax office
Pre-filling of the Einnahmenüberschussrechnung form
Statement of your company's profit and overheads.
Electronic submission of the declaration to the Finanzamt (tax office)
Sales tax assessment
Input tax plausibility check
Tax-free and taxable sales plausibility check
Official VAT form and the UR appendix form pre-filling
Tax-free and taxable sales plausibility check
Preparation of the annual VAT declaration for the financial year including supplementary documentation and statements
Electronic submission of the declaration to the tax office (Finanzamt)
Official trade tax form (Gewerbesteuer) and the UR appendix form (Anlage UR) pre-filling
Preparation of the annual trade tax return (Gewerbesteuerjahreserklärung)
350€ excluding tax450€ excluding tax550€ excluding tax
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The annual accounts services are delivered and invoiced by independent tax advisers from the network. For legal reasons, we are obliged to inform you that the fixed price is to be agreed separately with the specific tax consultant, and he/she must assess your particular case as per § 14 Paragraph 3 StBVV. In some cases, the price for services may vary. AG does not provide any tax advice itself. Click here ( to find a selection of our tax consultant partners.

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