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We look after your bookkeeping so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Fast and reliable handling of all paperwork
  • Comprehensive, personalised advice
  • Transparent cost structure starting at €75.00
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Leave your paperwork to the professionals

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The services are exclusively mechanical work processes according to § 6 No. 3 and 4 StBerG - account assignment and booking of current business transactions.

Exceptional services at fair prices

Services of (bookkeeping)
Business evaluation report
Balance sheet and income statement
Open items list
Allocation and accounting entry of outgoing invoices
Debitor account reconciliation
Open items list
Creditor account reconciliation
Allocation and accouting entry of incoming invoices
75€ excluding tax150€ excluding tax
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The services mentioned above are provided in accordance with § 6 no. 3 and 4 StBerG (Account Assignment and Booking of Current Business Transactions) of the German Tax Consulting Law.

  • 1. Convenient and fast integration

    We integrate your business's processes into ours. Benefit from competent, fast and reliable services that we customise to fit your needs.

  • 2. Top technical standards

    Our systems have been certified in accordance with ITSG regulations and are compliant with the German guidelines for data access and the controllability of digital documents (GDPdU).

  • 3. Reduce your overheads

    By using our bookkeeping service, you reduce your time and money spent on administration. Focus on what matters - growing your business!

  • 4. Optimised processes

    Our efficient operating model enables us to provide services efficiently and below-market rates.

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