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Business case, business plan and consulting - our team supports you from conception to implementation.

  • Well-crafted documentation to attract the financing you want
  • Professional startup business plans in Excel and Word
  • Tailored advice from experts
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Get the financing your business needs with our business plan packages

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A perfectly tuned business plan is the engine that keeps your company running smoothly

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  • Results focussed

    Based on your product or service and all relevant materials, we build an Excel and/or Word business plan that covers all relevant points and key figures. Most importantly, however, we use our startup financing expertise to help propel you towards your goals.

  • Optimised for raising money

    A business plan that is both quantitative and qualitative is fundamental to internal business and financial planning as well as attracting investors and bank financing. We make sure you get it right the first time.

  • Startup expertise

    Our experts work closely with your team and offer regular and clear-headed consultations. This guarantees crucially that your business case as well your business plan will be tuned to perfection.

Your way to a winning business plan with Finrocks

  1. You choose us.
  2. You brief a Finrock professional on your goals and objectives.
  3. You fill out our onboarding form and send us all necessary documentation.
  4. Our experts evaluate your ideas and materials.
  5. We build your business plan.
  6. You can express desired changes and adjustment during a revision round.
  7. You take your company to the next level with your new business plan!
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Business plan, business case and consulting FAQs

What is a business case?

The business plan encapsulates your qualitative and quantitative product and service data in Excel to show the potential of a company's underlying business model and its future profitability. This illumination of an expected commercial benefit of an enterprise is what is needed to convince potential investors or financiers and thus makes up a business case.

What does the Excel business plan contain?

All relevant key financial figures are clearly represented. Capital requirements and sales planning as well as cash consumption and liquidity outflow are decisive factors for investors and therefore central to the business plans we build.

Our experts use data visualisation for clearer insights into the most important parts of your business, including an income statement, detailed cash flow calculation and cost planning as well as marketing planning and international expansion assumptions.

In addition to the Excel business plan, a one-pager with the most important financial key figures, an executive summary and a business case manual (your go-to reference) are prepared and delivered.

As part of our service, we present all documents and results to help you understand the plan's underlying logic.

What is a business plan?

A business plan crafted by Finrocks gives a clear picture of the business idea via calculations such as profit and loss as well as a qualitative description in Word format.

What does a Word bank-ready business plan contain?

Based on the available information about the product or service, we build a business plan optimised for bank financing. All common and relevant topics are included, including a 5-year corporate plan. Depending on your ojectives, the plan is written in either German or English (bi-lingual versions are also available) as a 15-20 page Word document.

We present the business plan and our findings to you in a briefing session.

How quickly can a business plan (Excel/Word) be delivered?

Generally an individual business plan can be delivered within 5-10 days. Punctual delivery depends on how well prepared the client's brief is and the smooth running of the project.

Why do I need a business plan in Excel and Word formats?

A solid business plan is the basis for your company's success. It is not only fundamental to internal business and financial planning but is essential for pitching to investors. A financial model built in Excel paired with a qualitative summary in Word make up the standard documentation requested by potential investors and business partners. This is the most straight-forward way to get a clear picture of a company's business model both conceptually and via supporting financial analysis.

How do the consulting sessions work?

The consultation takes place within the framework of Skype Calls (4 x 60 minutes) with one of our senior experts. In addition, we offer limited email consultation on the topics discussed in the calls for a period of 30 days.