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Customer testimonials

We asked our customers, "What was your experience with"
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  • Darius Vyturys
    Darius Vyturys
    "I currently live in Lithuania. With the help of, I established a company remotely in Germany. fulfilled my expectations 100%."
  • Richy Kalingarayar
    Richy Kalingarayar
    "My GmbH was formed in just 30 days with the help of Everything went smoothly and the whole journey was delightful. It was indeed surprising for an English-speaking founder like me."
  • Federico Alberino
    Federico Alberino
    "The easiest way to open a business in Germany! helped me create a GmbH in no time."
  • Hari Iyer
    Hari Iyer
    " staff were very professional, prompt (in responses) and were very aware of all the steps in detail. They not only helped me with the standard procedures and documents, but also provided expert tips that a new founder in Germany would not have known. For all these reasons, I'd certainly recommend and their team for future entrepreneurs."
  • Moses Wadulo
    Moses Wadulo
    " were quick, courteous and very helpful. They helped me register my company in the shortest time. I was worried about the queue I had to go through in order to have a successful business in place, but they finished the job with time to spare!"
  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson
    "I’m forever grateful for the legal guidance I received from and their professional partners during the formation of the company. The German legal system can be perplexing to a foreigner. Having an English-speaking partner was essential to our success."
  • Raafat Hantoush
    Raafat Hantoush
    "'s fixed-priced services are engineered as a founder-friendly alternative to firms that use billable hours. Help and advice from an English-speaking expert is never more than a phone call away."
  • Jonathan Lavigne
    Jonathan Lavigne
    "If you don't have the time or skill to deal with red tape yourself nor cash for a fancy lawyer then you need to find a workaround. offers startups an alternative way to avoid bureaucracy."
  • Balendu Avvaru
    Balendu Avvaru
    "As a sole founder of an early-stage startup you don’t have the time or resources to deal with bureaucracy in-house. Having a partner like handle all of this is invaluable – especially when you’re just getting started."
  • Elke M. Knorr
    Elke M. Knorr
    "I commissioned to set up my GmbH. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. A notary appointment was arranged in my area, after which the pre-filled account opening application was already at the bank of my choice. All I had to do was show up and sign the paperwork. Fantastic!"
  • Julius Urban & Michael Bach
    Julius Urban & Michael Bach
    "Right from the start, we felt we could trust to get us through all the tricky parts of setting up our holding structure."
  • Peter Krausgrill
    Peter Krausgrill
    "We had a great experience! Friendliness and reliability rounded off the service wonderfully. We will happily recommend to any entrepreneur and founder."
  • Sebastian Jacobsen
    Sebastian Jacobsen
    "We set up a company with in a very short time, which helped us tremendously to focus on the essential things. takes the burden off us when it comes to bureaucracy. Above all, you need experience to do that. That's why is the one-stop solution for us."
  • Robin Prinsen
    Robin Prinsen
    " has a very straightforward process. If I miss a deadline or forget documents for my annual accounting, their team will send me a timely and friendly reminder."
  • Nadine Scheiner
    Nadine Scheiner
    "I used services to set up my holding company as well as its subsidiary. The team’s great advice made the set-up much easier."
  • Oliver Farr
    Oliver Farr
    " was our first choice. Right out of the gate I had a very good feeling about the team. I soon learnt that their website marketing is not just empty words but that they deliver on their promises. I unreservedly recommend setting up a company via"
  • Martin Urbanek
    Martin Urbanek
    "Besides using their office space, convinced us with their additional services such as bookkeeping and legal support. To this day they give us the freedom to focus on our core business. It’s great to have an experienced, strong partner like"
  • Zak Jaiathe & Abdel Karam
    Zak Jaiathe & Abdel Karam
    "Many of the actors that can help young founders form companies in Germany either charge high hourly rates or want equity for their time and effort.’s services have fixed prices because it’s a company by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs."

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