Customer testimonials -

Customer testimonials

Some of our most loved customers took the time to recommend us. believes in people like Tom, Robert, Elke and Peter who dare to take their future into their own hands!

  • papapic
    Tom & Robert
    "Having a good support network at the founding stage can be a significant advantage. There are many unknowns that first-time founders have to deal with extensively. In particular, legal and accounting issues can take up an excessive amount of resources, with the risk of overlooking something critical. For this reason, is a reliable partner who provides the support that founders need to be successful."
  • elke
    Elke M. Knorr
    "I engaged to set-up my GmbH. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. A notary appointment was arranged in my local area, followed by a business account opening appointment at the bank of my choice. Everything had been pre-prepared - all I had to do was sign the paperwork. Fantastic!"
  • Peter Johnson3
    Peter Johnson
    "I'm forever grateful for the legal guidance I received from and their professional partners during the formation of the company. The German legal system can be perplexing to a foreigner, having an English-speaking partner firm was essential to our success. I'm happy to endorse to entrepreneurs who need professional guidance when founding their business in Germany."
  • peter
    Peter Krausgrill
    "We had a great experience! Friendliness and reliability rounded off the service wonderfully. Without hesitation, we would recommend to every entrepreneur and founder."

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