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Protect your company's brand with our fixed price packages

* Net price, plus VAT. Official fees of € 850- for the first class, € 50- for the second class and € 150- for each additional class. The official fees will be invoiced separately by your lawyer.

Get the expertise you need at a fair price

Service provided by the law firm Breuer Lehmann Rechtsanwälte
We search for similar registered trademarks in the German, European and international trademark registers as well as in the 28 national trademark registers.
We search for identical registered trademarks in the German, European and international trademark registers as well as in the 28 national trademark registers.
We create for you the list of goods and services according to the current Nice Classification for trademarks.
Examination of the legal requirements for trademark registration in the EU and advice on the right trademark strategy.
349€ excluding tax799€ excluding tax1299€ excluding tax

The above prices are the legal fees (plus VAT) plus € 850 (plus VAT) for the registration fee per trade mark for the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The registration fee includes one Nice class. The second class costs € 50 (plus VAT). From the third class onwards, there is an office fee of € 150 per class (plus VAT) and a net lawyer's fee of € 75 per class (plus VAT). The non-binding offer is aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs, freelancers and official bodies. The above-mentioned legal services are provided by Breuer Lehmann Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB, Steinsdorfstr. 19, 80538 Munich. The Firmenbaukasten AG does not provide any legal advice itself.

Automate your trademark application with us

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    Avoid disputes

    In order to avoid costly legal disputes, we always recommend that identity and similarity searches be carried out by specialist lawyers before registering a trademark. These searches are included in the Pro package.

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    Your best bet

    More than one-third of private trademark applications are refused because of errors or even absolute grounds for refusal. Our professionals detect these things immediately.

  • benefit-speed

    Avoid additional costs

    Any refusal of your trademark application will cost you cash, as the registration fees are not refunded by the trademark offices. Clever entrepreneurs don't skimp on the expertise they need to avoid costly mistakes.

10 steps to register a trademark

  1. Get advice on trademark law and your options
  2. Get advice on choosing a name and classifying your trademark according to the Nice Classification (NCL)
  3. Your lawyer does a similarity and identity search of your trademark
  4. The exact trademark and trademark form is determined
  5. The trade mark application with EUIPO is filed electronically
  6. You receive confirmation of receipt of application
  7. The EUIPO formally and substantively examines your application for 'absolute grounds for refusal'
  8. In case of deficiencies, further steps (reminder procedure, complaint procedure, etc.) may be necessary
  9. Success! Your trademark is registered (only if there are no objections)
  10. Your trademark registration is officially published
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