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Let us build you a pitch deck that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Get a pitch deck tailored perfectly to your startup
  • Designed specifically for capital raising
  • Created by professionals who know what investors want
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Impress any audience with our pitch deck packages

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  • Fast delivery

    Startups often have time pressures and we know that every second often counts. We deliver a pitch deck within 7 days. For an extra charge, however, an express service is also possible.

  • Customised designs

    A professional pitch deck with a personalised design is a basic requirement for attracting investors. No matter your needs, we’ll build you a pitch deck that fits your business perfectly.

  • Quality control

    Each pitch deck goes through several test runs to make sure it's flawless. Our expertise ensures that your pitch tells a story that connects with investors.

Your way to a killer pitch deck with Finrocks

  1. You choose us.
  2. You brief a Finrocks professional on your pitch deck project.
  3. You fill out our onboarding form and send us all necessary documentation.
  4. Our experts evaluate your ideas and materials.
  5. We build your pitch deck.
  6. You can express desired changes and adjustment during a revision round.
  7. Make it happen with your new killer pitch deck!
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Pitch Deck FAQs

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck showcases your company via a single PowerPoint presentation. Equipping yourself with a professional pitch deck that has a strong message will help you achieve even the loftiest of business goals.

We know all the components that make up a great pitch deck. It needs clear language, a logical structure and key figures all weaved together to tell a story that makes you unforgettable to investors (or any audience).

What exactly does our pitch decks include?

The key ingredients for any good pitch deck are defining the problem being tackled and the solution, market analysis, how the product works and the roadmap to make it happen. Our pitch decks cover all these relevant and important points in 14-20 slides.

If you order one of our pitch deck packages what you get is the ideal pitch deck for your startup, perfectly aligned with your goals and desires.

How quickly can a pitch deck be delivered?

In general, an individual pitch deck can be delivered within 3-7 working days. Punctual delivery depends on how well prepared the client's brief is and the smooth running of the project.

Why do I need a pitch deck?

A professional pitch deck is an important prerequisite for the success of your company! To win over business partners and investors you need to clearly communicate the vision, goals and plans of your company in a compelling way. A well-crafted pitch deck is the most effective way to do this.

Can I edit the pitch deck myself?

Yes, your pitch deck will be sent in a fully editable file.

Will my presentation be handled confidentially?

Yes, we attach great importance to confidentiality. Your online order automatically includes an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Accordingly, we are not allowed to talk about your order or its content. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Is the pitch deck mine?

Yes, after delivery and receipt of payment, the pitch deck belongs to the client.