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Tailored tax advice

Receive an initial consultation from an expert tax adviser and get a fixed price quote for further tax advice. You then decide whether you want to proceed with the services.

Our partner tax advisers support businesses of all legal forms and industries and can advise you on a range of complex issues.

Service overview

  • A personal consultation with an expert tax adviser about the tax implications of different kinds of corporate structures (30 min)
  • You'll also receive a fixed priced offer if you decide you need more tax advice

Service provision

  • Firmenbaukasten AG does not provide legal advice itself. works exclusively with specialised lawyers and independent tax advisers.

    JK digitale Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, Franz-Halcour-Straße 1, 41812 Erkelenz, provides the tax consultancy services.
89 excluding tax

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