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Our packages: Trademarks made easy

* Net price excl. about €300 DPMA fee for 3 Nice classifications

Trademarks: Exceptional service at fair prices

Services of the trademark lawyer
Trademark claims by third parties may also arise from using similar trademarks
Minimise your risk by searching for trademarks similar in sound or appearance
Reduce your risk (e.g. written warnings, lawsuits, oppositions) by searching for identical trademarks
Handling of all official correspondence with the German trademark office during the application process
Preparation of all necessary registration documentation
Management of all communications with the trademark office by your dedicated lawyer
Review and forwarding of the trademark certificate
189€ excluding tax299€ excluding tax579€ excluding tax
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The above prices are the legal fees plus VAT plus standard trademark application fee including three trademark classes by the German Patent and Trademark Office (about € 300). The non-binding offer serves industry, craft, trade and self-employed entrepreneurs. Attention: The trademark office does NOT check any existing prior rights by third parties before registering trademarks. Firmenbaukasten AG itself does not provide legal advice. Provision of legal services is by Werthing Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Güntherburgallee 37a, 60316 Frankfurt am Main. Please call +49 611 17207-0 or write to to schedule your appointment.

Automate your trademark registration with us

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    Avoid costly infringements

    Protect yourself from warnings and claims for damages by having a professional name search carried out which includes old copyrights of third parties.

  • benefit-coffee

    Maximise your chance of success

    Over one-third of private trademark applications are rejected because they contain errors or absolute grounds for refusal. Our experts detect errors or potential obstacles to ensure your application's success.

  • benefit-speed

    Reduce costs

    Every rejection of your trademark costs you money because application fees are generally not refunded by the trademark offices. Smart entrepreneurs do it right from the start and do not cut corners.

10 steps to a successful trademark registration

  1. You receive expert advice on trademark law and your options.
  2. You are guided in naming and classifying your brand according to the Nice Classification.
  3. Your dedicated lawyer conducts a professional identity and similar search of your trademark.
  4. The exact type and form of your trademark is defined.
  5. Your application is filed with the German patent and trademark office (DPMA) or the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
  6. You receive confirmation that the application has been submitted.
  7. An examination is done by the DPMA/EUIPO for formal and material "absolute grounds for refusal".
  8. In the case of errors, further steps such as reminder procedures (Erinnerungsverfahren), complaint procedures (Beschwerdeverfahren) etc. are taken as necessary.
  9. If your application is successful, your trademark is officially registered.
  10. Your trademark registration is published.
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