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gGmbH: What is the German non-profit limited liability company?

Non-profit limited liability companies (gGmbH) are on the rise. Almost a third of the 2.6 million people employed in the charitable sector now work at a gGmbH. But, what does this term actually mean? What does the abbreviation stand for? What are the differences between a gGmbH and a charitable organisation (gemeinnütziger Verein)? And why is the gGmbH so popular right now? Learn more about the gGmbH in our guide. Becoming an entrepreneur, saving on taxes and giving something back to society – the gGmbH combines all of this in one legal form. But what exactly does gGmbH stand for?

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What is a GmbH? Definition and costs

Want to know what a GmbH is and what it does? You’ve come to the right place! Learn the basics about the GmbH: What a GmbH is, what limited liability is, the costs involved, and what a mini-GmbH is.

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GmbH: The pros and cons of the German limited liability company (LLC)

It is not for nothing that most entrepreneurs in Germany choose the GmbH as the legal form for their companies. Not only does it have a better public perception but it also has clear tax benefits. However, a GmbH’s organisational and financial costs are high, which means that this company form is not suitable for every business. In this article, takes a closer look at the GmbH structure, and whether it is the right choice for your business.

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