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Master list: Accountancy

Want accounting and taxation in Germany explained to you in plain English? You’ve come to the right place! From tax optimisation strategies for your company to a primer in EOFY accounting, get your German foundership education here. All the articles have been categorised (see the contents below) and linked for ease of navigation. We hope …

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Double-entry bookkeeping for entrepreneurs: An introduction

This guide will provide you with a complete overview of the basics of double-entry bookkeeping (doppelte Buchführung), including explanations of essential processes, account systems, account classes, stock and profit and loss accounts, and much more. What exactly is double-entry bookkeeping, or doppelte Buchführung? As the name suggests, the double-entry method of bookkeeping involves entering each …

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Single-entry bookkeeping: What every entrepreneur should know

The general purpose of bookkeeping is to ensure complete and consistent records of all business transactions that occur within a given financial year. There are two types of bookkeeping methods: the single-entry method (einfache Buchführung) and the double-entry method (doppelte Buchführung). Read on to find out what single-entry bookkeeping is, who can legally use it …

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What’s tax deductible for a self-employed person in Germany?

Self-employed persons (Selbstständige) in Germany can benefit from many tax reductions (Steuerminderungen), provided that the amounts are stated at the appropriate place in the tax declaration (Steuererklärung). In order to get through the financial year with the best possible tax advantages, you not only have to keep all the receipts (Belege) of your purchases, but …

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