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Master list: Accountancy

Want accounting and taxation in Germany explained to you in plain English? You’ve come to the right place! From tax optimisation strategies for your company to a primer in EOFY accounting, get your German business education here. All the articles have been categorised (see the contents below) and linked for ease of navigation. We hope …

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One-Stop-Shop (OSS): What you need to know

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) procedure makes it easier for particular companies within the EU to pay VAT on sales to other EU countries.

The OSS replaces the “mini-one-stop-shop” (MOSS) procedure, which was similar but had a smaller scope.

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The input tax deduction (Vorsteuerabzug) simply explained

Every business subject to VAT (Mehrwertsteuer or Umsatzsteuer) can deduct input tax (Vorsteuer) to reduce its VAT liability. This involves offsetting the input tax a business pays against the VAT that it charges its customer. This makes the input tax deduction (Vorsteuerabzug) a crucial item for the advance VAT return (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung). Contents: What is the …

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