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Master list: Accountancy

Want accounting and taxation in Germany explained to you in plain English? You’ve come to the right place! From tax optimisation strategies for your company to a primer in EOFY accounting, get your German foundership education here. All the articles have been categorised (see the contents below) and linked for ease of navigation. We hope …

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Double-entry bookkeeping for entrepreneurs: An introduction

This guide will provide you with a complete overview of the basics of double-entry bookkeeping (doppelte Buchführung), including explanations of essential processes, account systems, account classes, stock and profit and loss accounts, and much more. What exactly is double-entry bookkeeping, or doppelte Buchführung? As the name suggests, the double-entry method of bookkeeping involves entering each …

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Single-entry bookkeeping: What every entrepreneur should know

The general purpose of bookkeeping is to ensure complete and consistent records of all business transactions that occur within a given financial year. There are two types of bookkeeping methods: the single-entry method (einfache Buchführung) and the double-entry method (doppelte Buchführung). Read on to find out what single-entry bookkeeping is, who can legally use it …

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