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How to become a Freiberufler in Germany

Fancy freelancing in Germany? Then you should know there are different types of freelancers in Germany. That is, your self-employed activity can either be freiberuflich and gewerblich and, therefore, you’re either a Freiberufler (freelancers that have a liberal profession) or a Gewerbetreibender (freelancers that don’t have a liberal but rather a commercial profession or trade) …

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Handelsregister: The fundamentals of the commercial register in Germany

The “Handelsregister” is the commercial register in Germany – a publicly accessible directory that contains data on German commercial entities. Anyone who is a “Kaufleute” (merchant) has to enter their business in this registry. The information that is to serve the general public. Contents What is the Handelsregister? Who needs a Handelsregister entry? Voluntary Handelsregister …

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