Company Formation

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How to set up a company in Germany: A company formation checklist

Want to set up a limited liability company (UG or GmbH) in Germany? We’ve put together a roadmap to help guide you through the formation process. This checklist will save you hours of research as we’ve included everything you need in one neat checklist. Get ready for some fun German terminology! In true German style, …

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The GmbH Stammkapital (share capital)

Find out everything about the Stammkapital (share capital) of a GmbH: From cash and contributions in kind in the formation stage, to the capital increases and decreases. When does a capital increase make sense? And can a capital reduction be worthwhile?

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Opening a business bank account in Germany: Comparison and FAQs

So you’re on your way to self-employment in Germany and would like to open a business account? To demystify the bank opening process, we’ve compared the top providers of corporate accounts (Geschäftskonto) for you and answered some frequently asked questions. In this article, you can find out what documents you need, who needs to be present to open an account and what services are important for business accounts.

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The company objective (Unternehmensgegenstand): Definition and formulation

What is a company objective/object of a German company (Unternehmensgegenstand) and what distinguishes it from its company purpose (Gesellschaftszweck)? Which legal forms must specify the object of the company when being formed? You can find all the important information on both the object of the company and the company purpose right here in this article, …

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How to find the perfect company name for your UG or GmbH

A cleverly chosen company name gives a company the necessary recognition value and sets it apart from the competition. But not every arbitrary name is allowed. You can find out here which legal regulations you must follow and get tips for a viable company name. The company name of the GmbH and UG: What is …

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