Company Formation

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How to set up a company in Germany: A company formation checklist

Want to set up a limited liability company (UG or GmbH) in Germany? We’ve put together a roadmap to help guide you through the formation process. This checklist will save you hours of research as we’ve included everything you need in one neat checklist. Get ready for some fun German terminology! In true German style, …

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The UG Corporation

Since its introduction in 2008, the legal company form UG has been offering an attractive alternative for entrepreneurs wishing to establish start-ups with a small amount of capital but with limited liability. But what differentiates a UG corporation from other legal company forms? How is it different from the better-known GmbH? Find out the answers …

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Timing is Everything: When to Form a UG or GmbH

When is the best time to form a company (i.e. a UG or GmbH)? Any time. The only instance where you might want to exercise patience is near the end of the year. Is forming a company at the top of your to-do list this year? Timing is everything! If you haven’t followed through on …

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UG-Gesellschafter: The Rights and obligations of UG Shareholders

The management of a UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is done by the CEO (Geschäftsführer), who is usually also a shareholder (Gesellschafter). There may be just a single shareholder or several. In the case of several shareholders, the rights and obligations are generally based on their share (Beteiligung), i.e. the amount of the paid share capital in the …

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Stammeinlage and the GmbH: Delving into capital contributions in Germany

Here you’ll find more than what the Stammeinlage of a GmbH is. You’ll also learn about share capital (Stammkapital), outstanding deposits (ausstehende Einlagen), increasing a deposit, the exact difference between assets in kind (Sacheinlagen), cash contributions (Bareinlage) and mixed asset contributions (Mischeinlagen) at formation and special features regarding share capital and contribution in the GmbH …

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