Company Formation

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Geschäftskonto: The business bank account for GmbHs and UGs in Germany

Anyone who incorporates a company in Germany is required to open a business account (Geschäftskonto). We’re here to explain to you what’s important when opening an account for the GmbH – which is Germany’s cornerstone company with limited liability –  and the UG (haftungsbeschränkt) – an entrepreneurial company with limited liability. Business bank accounts, registrations …

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GmbH-Anteile: Everything you need to know about German LLC shares

If you’re a founder of a limited liability company (LLC) in Germany, you should really get to know the inner workings of your company such as its shares. What should be considered when transferring shares and what are the differences between investments? And what taxes are incurred when buying or selling a share? We’re here …

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What is the difference between a UG’s shareholder and its CEO?

Shareholders and CEOs: You’ve already heard of both, but do you also understand the differences? Here we’ll give you a good explanation and tell you why sometimes both functions can be performed by the same person. The shareholder of a UG One difference between shareholders and CEOs of a UG is that the shareholder is …

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GbR liability: How to protect your private assets as a founder

What exactly do I need to know about GbR liability in Germany? How can I protect my private assets? Many founders ask themselves these questions. The GbR is a common legal form in Germany, but it does come with a catch: if business isn’t going well, shareholders are personally liable for the GbR. This article …

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