Company Formation

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The business idea: The foundation of every venture

Every new venture begins with a business idea. The ultimate goal is to turn a promising idea into a profitable business model. But are you asking the right questions? Contents How to find the right business idea The discovery phase Ask the right questions Evolve existing business models Tap into current trends Open a franchise …

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Gewerbeerlaubnis: Do I need a licence for my business in Germany?

Contents What is a Gewerbeerlaubnis? Which businesses need a Gewerbeerlaubnis?  Registration obligation Gewerbeerlaubnis criteria Want to know more?    [BEGIN: Insert an Image between this tag] [END insert Image] Got questions about setting up a business in Germany? Startup expert 10+ years experience Hi, I’m Andreas and I’ve been advising businesses in Germany for over …

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Tax registration guide for limited liability companies in Germany

Anyone who wants to operate a corporation in Germany can’t avoid filling out the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung, or “tax registration questionnaire” in English. The questionnaire is how a business in Germany registers with the right branch of the Finanzamt (tax office) and receives its Steuernummer (tax number). How to fill in the questionnaire differs for each type of business. Thus, we’ve created this guide specifically for limited liability company forms (aka corporations) in Germany, such as the GmbH and the UG.

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Getting ready to start a business in Germany: What do I need to think about?

Contents Preparing mentally Planning and analysis Takeover, franchise or starting from scratch Information and advice Permits and further training Business plan Starting capital More on getting started   The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business in Germany Chapter 1: Business visas, residence & work permits Chapter 2: Business legal forms in Germany Chapter 3: Preparing …

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