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What does it cost to start a GmbH?

Contents How much does it cost to set up a GmbH? Formation with articles of association Formation using the Musterprotokoll Variable formation costs   [BEGIN: Insert an Image between this tag] [END insert Image] Got questions about setting up a business in Germany? Startup expert 10+ years experience Hi, I’m Andreas and I’ve been advising …

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Prokurist: Who is an authorised signatory in Germany?

Contents Commercial power of attorney in Germany Who can become an authorised signatory? What is a Prokurist allowed to do? What is a Prokurist not allowed to do? How can I grant a power of attorney? What is a joint power of attorney? What is a branch procuration? Limiting authorisations Managing directors vs Prokurist How …

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Transportunternehmen: How to start your own transport business in Germany

Contents Requirements Legal form Registrations Capital Service offerings Location Staff Marketing   How to start a transport business: Permits & requirements Compulsory insurance in the transport industry Vehicles transporting goods of 3.5 tonnes and more must comply with the GüKG (road haulage act). Transport insurance is compulsory for vehicles of businesses that are used for …

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Kleinunternehmen: The top 6 mistakes people make starting a small business in Germany

Contents Getting started Eligibility The small business regulation  Common pitfalls   Kleinunternehmen: How to set up a small business Legally speaking, a Kleinunternehmen is a business that uses the Kleinunternehmerregelung (small business regulation). The size of the company or its legal form is irrelevant, but certain turnover limits must not be exceeded. Registering to use …

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How to become a Freiberufler in Germany

Contents What is a Freiberufler? How to register as a Freiberufler Can I be a Freiberufler part-time? Pros and cons Want to know more?    What is a Freiberufler? Generally speaking, a Freiberufler is someone whose activity other has a Katalogberuf (catalogue profession) or katalogähnlicher Beruf (catalogue-like profession) otherwise known as a liberal profession. Let’s …

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GmbH-Geschäftsführer: Everything you need to know about the GmbH managing director

Contents How is a GmbH managing director appointed? What are the prerequisites? Shareholder director vs. external director GmbH managing director contract Salary Self-dealing Social insurance obligation Tasks and duties  Liability Dismissal GmbH without a managing director New management Personal bankruptcy Want to know more?    How is a GmbH managing director appointed? Generally, a shareholders’ …

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