We are on a mission to transform Germany into ‘Founder Nation’.

With the vision to make Germany a founders paradise in mind, firma.de came into being in 2012.

We support founders of all industries with a clear mission: To give businesses a fast, legally sound and cost-effective start.

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What we do

The problem

Germany is a notoriously hard place for doing business. The land of bureaucracy can’t help but wrap founders in red tape. This is a problem because being a founder is hard: it requires blood, sweat and tears – and that’s just to get out of bed in the morning. Taking a product to market is difficult enough without being tangled in red tape.

Our solution

We equip founders with expert guides who use their hundreds of hours of practical experience to help them navigate German bureaucracy in the fastest time possible. Our experts operate in our purpose-built ecosystem, connecting founders with a specialist consultant, lawyer or tax adviser only when it’s necessary. Simply put, we’ve optimised doing business in Germany.

Use cases

  • Founders incorporating a company in Germany (eg UG, GmbH, AG etc).
  • Individuals starting a GbR, freelancer business or sole proprietorship.
  • Serial entrepreneurs and investors setting up holding companies.
  • International businesses that want to expand their operations in Germany.
  • Businesses that need bookkeeping, accounting and other services at a fixed, transparent price.

Our journey


Launch of firma.de - We want to make Germany a paradise for founders

Fascinated by the idea of turning Germany into ‘Founder Nation’, Christian Manthey and Michael Silberberger start the firma.de in the Hessen capital, Wiesbaden.


Media for equity deal with N24.de

GMPVC joins firma.de and together with GMPVC partner N24 launches a high-reach advertising campaign on N24. “The investment in firma.de is a strategic fit for us. We are convinced of the idea and the team”, says Aljoscha Kaplan, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GMPVC.


1000th company formation

During the first year of operations, firma.de was able to help more than 1000 businesses form companies bureaucracy-free.


Launch Columbus Beta Phase - Game changing technology for company formations in Germany

Columbus technology ushers in a new era of digitalisation for company formation and beyond in Germany!


firma.de buys Legal-Tech startup Legalbase.de

firma.de combines its passion for entrepreneurship and its proven services with the easy-to-use and reliable online legal services of Legalbase.de.

The team

Christian Manthey


Katharina Munck

Authorized Company Signatory

Andreas Munck

Senior Startup Expert

Alexander Janke

Senior Editor & Content Manager

Julia Heinz

Editor & Content Manager

Carina Wünsch

Senior Startup Expert

Mircea Preotu

Software Engineer

Maximilian Kurschatke

Startup Expert

Johann Bodis

User Support

Samar Fathulla

Junior Startup Expert

Felix Gerke


René Wodzka

Founder Consultant

Kristina Rem

Customer Care Agent

Cristel Villarroel

Customer Care Agent

Karol Stoltenberg


Felix Lehrbach

Customer Support

Ester Prusovska


Angela Kaiser

Customer Support

Jakob Stonner


Rainer Hartmann

Chairman of the Board

Astronauts needed!

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Our locations


Spaceshuttle Headquarters
Base of firma.de’s startup experts

Founders and entrepreneurs are always welcome.


Tech base

Innovation hub for our customers, partners and our mission.

Founders and entrepreneurs are always welcome in Berlin.