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Master List: Business Management

The Business Management section of the blog aims to help you operate your business in Germany as a savvy entrepreneur. As you can probably tell a work in progress but if there’s something you want to learn about, drop us a line at What else can I learn? We also have master lists for …

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Business insurance for founders: A guide to protecting your company in Germany

If you’re thinking of starting a company in Germany, there are a lot of things to consider – like creating a business plan, deciding on a legal structure, and taking care of accounting. But it’s also important to think about insuring yourself as a founder against any risks that might come up. In this article, you’ll learn about the types of insurance you should consider as a new entrepreneur, and which risks you should protect yourself against.

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Sozialkassen: What you need to know about social insurance funds in Germany

Sozialkassen (social insurance funds) are at the heart of Germany’s Sozialversicherungssystem (social security system). But, the complicated maze of social security funds, including Urlaubskasse (holiday funds) and Zusatzkasse (supplementary pension funds), can get confusing. To help you, here is a list of the main social security organisations, their responsibilities and contact information. Contents What is …

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How to close a business in Germany: A guide for the self-employed

There are many reasons for closing a business: No suitable successor can be found, you realise self-employment is not for you, you can’t find enough staff or possible insolvency. While giving up a business can be complicated for companies, sole traders – whether Gewerbetreibender or Freiberufler – can benefit from tax advantages when winding up …

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