Master List: Business Management

updated on 2. November 2023 4 minutes reading time
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The Business Management section of the blog aims to help you operate your business in Germany as a savvy entrepreneur. As you can probably tell a work in progress but if there’s something you want to learn about, drop us a line at

What else can I learn?

We also have master lists for each section of the blog. We hope you find it useful!

Master list: Business Management

Assessing company names: Is my company name still available?
A great company name is worth more than most people think. See if your company name is up to scratch with this article.
How to find investors in Germany. Or: What is the best funding strategy for my company?
How do I find investors for my company? We believe the best strategy is a common sense one, tailored to Germany’s cultural quirks.
How to grab an investor’s attention: A primer on the key figures that hook in investors
How to reel in German investors.

Trade Insurance Institutions (Berufsgenossenschaften): Index of Competencies
What services do trade insurance institutions offer, and which ones should I register with?
What’s with compulsory insurance (Pflichtversicherung) for the self-employed & freelancers?
Here we explore what type of insurance Pflichtversicherung is, and if you’re protected from the slings of arrows of the marketplace.
Business insurance for founders: A guide to protecting your company in Germany
The founders guide to business insurance in Germany, including commercial and professional indemnity insurance, contents insurance, etc.
Versicherungen: What types of insurance do I need if I’m self-employed in Germany?
What insurance do entrepreneurs need in Germany? An overview of the most important business and personal insurance cover for business owners and founders.

Loans in Germany: The legal stuff you should know
How is a loan defined in Germany? What does a German loan contract contain? What should you know about it?

Arbeitsvertrag: What employment contracts need to contain in Germany
You can’t just put anything into an employment contract – there are rules to follow.
How can I protect my company’s name in Germany?
How can I protect a name for a company? The most reliable method is to register the company name as a trademark.
Employee rights & obligations: German labour law explained in plain English
Employment law is complicated and onerous in Germany – make sure you’ve got a handle on the fundamentals.

Are you self-employed but also have a side job in Germany? What you should know about health insurance
How to figure out your health insurance if you’re both self-employed and employed.
How to close a business in Germany: A guide for the self-employed
What you need to consider when giving up your business and how to make a tax-efficient transition to employment.
Sozialkassen: What you need to know about social insurance funds in Germany
A cheat sheet of the main social security organisations, their responsibilities and contact information.


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