Master list: Business Management

updated on 1. June 2023 3 minutes reading time
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The Business Management section of the blog aims to help you operate your business in Germany as a savvy entrepreneur. As you can probably tell a work in progress but if there’s something you want to learn about, drop us a line on

What else can I learn?

We also have master lists for each section of the blog. We hope you find it useful!

Master list: Business Management

Assessing company names: Is my company name still available?
A great company name is worth more than most people think. You should carefully assess your desired company name before forming your company.

How can I protect my company’s name in Germany?
How can I protect a name for a company? The most reliable method is to register the company name as a trademark.

Trade Insurance Institutions (Berufsgenossenschaften): Index of Competencies
What services do trade insurance institutions offer, and which ones should I register with?

How to find investors in Germany or: What is the best funding strategy for my company?
How do I find investors for my company? We believe the best strategy is a common sense one, tailored to Germany’s cultural quirks.

What’s with compulsory insurance (Pflichtversicherung) for the self-employed & freelancers?
There’s an insurance called Pflichtversicherung which is compulsory for certain businesses. Here we explore what this insurance is and whether you’ve adequately protected from the slings of arrows of the marketplace.

Loans in Germany: The legal stuff you should know
How is a loan defined in Germany? What does a German loan contract contain? What should you know about it?

Arbeitsvertrag: What employment contracts need to contain in Germany
You can’t just put anything into an employment contract – there are rules to follow.

How to grab an investor’s attention: A primer on the key figures that hook in investors
How to reel in German investors.

Employee rights & obligations: German labour law explained in plain English
Employment law is complicated and onerous in Germany – make sure you’ve got a handle on the fundamentals.

Are you self-employed but also have a side job in Germany? What you should know about health insurance
How to figure out your health insurance if you’re both self-employed and employed.

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