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Annual accounts for corporations

Let our experts take care of your annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account) and tax returns.

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For up to 480 bookings. One-time setup fee of 139 € (net). Only available bundled with a accounting package.
1,249 €


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Profit and loss account (Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung)


Corporate tax return (Betriebliche Steuererklärung)


For up to 1440 bookings. One-time setup fee 139 € (net). Only available bundled with a accounting package.
1,749 €


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Profit and loss account (Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung)


Corporate tax return (Betriebliche Steuererklärung)


For up to 3120 bookings. One-time setup fee 139 € (net). Only available bundled with a accounting package.
2,249 €


*Net price

Services by 8P digital GmbH


Profit and loss account (Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung)


Corporate tax return (Betriebliche Steuererklärung)

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Our annual accounts packages: Great services at fair prices

Services by 8P digital GmbH
Profit and loss account (Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung)
Corporate tax return (Betriebliche Steuererklärung)
VAT declaration (Umsatzsteuererklärung)
Trade tax return (Gewerbesteuererklärung)
Corporate income tax return (Körperschaftsteuererklärung)
1.249€ excluding tax1.749€ excluding tax2.249€ excluding tax
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The above services are provided by the tax advisory firm 8P digital GmbH, Sohlbacher Str. 98, 57078 Siegen. For legal reasons, we are obliged to point out that the fixed price is to be agreed separately with the specific tax adviser and that the tax adviser must carry out an appropriateness test in this respect in accordance with § 14 Paragraph 3 StBVV. The offer is valid for founders and companies up to 3 years after entry in the Handelregister (commercial register).

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Frequently asked questions about annual accounts (Jahresabschluss)

What are annual accounts (Jahresabschluss)?

Annual accounts (Jahresabschluss) is the German equivalent of an annual financial statement. It consists of a profit and loss account (Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung) and a balance sheet (Bilanz) composed of a tax balance sheet (Steuerbilanz) and trade balance sheet (Handelsbilanz). Additionally, most companies must add either a full or condensed set of annexes which go beyond the scope of an annual financial statement.

Why do I need annual accounts?

All incorporated companies have a legal obligation to prepare annual accounts (Jahresabschluss). This important document not only serves as the basis of assessment for the distribution of profits, dividends or other performance-related payments (a requirement that comes from § 242 HGB). But, also shows the company's financial position and ensures transparency for creditors, business partners and shareholders. Moreover, a company’s tax liability is calculated using its tax balance sheet.

Who has to prepare annual accounts?

Any business that is listed in the commercial register (Handelsregister) and uses the double-entry system must prepare annual accounts (Jahresabschluss), including:

  • Sole traders* (Einzelkaufleute)
  • Corporations/incorporated companies (Kapitalgesellschaften)
  • Commercial partnerships (Personenhandelsgesellschaften)
  • Sole proprietorships and commercial partnerships under civil law** (Einzelunternehmen und gewerbetreibende GbR**)

*Sole traders who, on the first or the last two consecutive balance sheet dates (Bilanzstichtag), have annual sales of less than €600,000 and/or profits less than €60,000 are exempt from this obligation (this is in accordance with § 241a HGB).

**GbR and sole proprietorships not entered into the commercial register but have an annual turnover that exceeds €600,000 and/or profit that exceeds €60,000 are still obliged to file annual accounts (this follows from § 141 AO).

NB: Your competent tax office (Finanzamt) will decide whether the obligation is waived for the coming fiscal year.

When are the annual accounts for incorporated companies due?

If the annual accounts (Jahresabschluss) are completed by a tax adviser, the deadline is 14 months after the balance sheet date (Bilanzstichtag). Here you can find out about the deadlines in detail.

What documents are required for the annual accounts?

In addition to all the necessary accounting documents, a power of attorney from a tax adviser is necessary.

When do I have to pay the invoice amount from my annual accounts package?

The setup fee of €139 is due upfront. The annual accounts (Jahresabschluss) will be invoiced by the tax advisory firm after completing the annual accounts.

Is a publication copy (Veröffentlichungsexemplar) included in the price?

No, a publication copy is not included in the annual accounts packages. But, this is an optional extra. Please do not hesitate to contact us about this.

Not every company is obliged to publish its annual accounts (Jahresabschluss). The obligation depends on the size of the company. Read more about size classes and publishing obligations here.

How do I prepare the annual accounts?

Proper bookkeeping is essential to the smooth preparation of a company’s annual accounts (Jahresabschluss). This is exactly why we bundle our annual accounts with bookkeeping from our tax advisory partners as a single solution. Why? The following steps need to be followed on the balance sheet date (Bilanzstichtag):

  • Determination of necessary depreciation (Ermittlung nötiger Abschreibungen)
  • Inventory (Inventur)
  • Valuation of outstanding receivables (Bewertung offener Forderungen)
  • Allocation of reserves (Einstellung von Rücklagen)
  • Adjustment postings (Korrekturbuchungen)
Why can't I select the annual accounts package without bookkeeping?

The biggest challenge in closing a company’s books is the thorough examination of accounting as a whole and the posting of any adjustments. In order for a tax adviser to do his or her job efficiently, a company’s bookkeeping must be handled by a specialist. Only then can we offer a favourable fixed-price for our packages.

If you already work with a professional bookkeeper, you can book our annual accounts package individually. Please contact our customer service at or use our chat function.

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