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updated on 24. August 2020 4 minutes reading time
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Want accounting and taxation in Germany explained to you in plain English? You’ve come to the right place! From tax optimisation strategies for your company to a primer in EOFY accounting, get your German foundership education here. All the articles have been categorised (see the contents below) and linked for ease of navigation. We hope you find our articles about accounting/Rechnungswesen in Germany useful!

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For an overview of all the content on check out our Master list: Learn. We also have a master list for each section of the blog:



Accounting regulations

Einzelunternehmen (sole proprietorships etc)

EOFY accounting for corporations (Jahresabschluss)

EÜR accounting for non-incorporated businesses

Holding companies

Payroll (Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung)

Tax (Steuern)

Tax optimisation


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