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gGmbH: What is the German non-profit limited liability company?

Contents What is a gGmbH? Purpose of the gGmbH Forming a gGmbH When does my GmbH qualify as non-profit? Prerequisites for forming a gGmbH Want to know more?   [BEGIN: Insert an Image between this tag] [END insert Image] Got questions about setting up a not-for-profit business in Germany? Startup expert 10+ years experience Hi, …

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Steuernummer: How to get a tax number for your business using ELSTER

Starting a business in Germany? You must register it with the tax office and apply for a Steuernummer (tax number) within four weeks of officially establishing it. You do this by completing what’s called the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung (tax registration questionnaire) on the ELSTER portal. This article is your helping hand to get a …

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