The ultimate guide to starting a business in Germany: The only resource you’ll ever need

Each chapter of this ultimate resource contains an overview of each stage of setting up a business in Germany. These overviews then link to more in-depth information for each individual business type.



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Your ultimate guide to starting a business in Germany

The chapters below cover each stage you’ll have to go through as an international founder wanting to set up a business in Germany.

The first chapter asks the most important question: Do you have the right legal status to start a business in Germany? If you are unsure start from Chapter 1. (Of course, if you’re an EU national etc. you can skip this part.)

The next most important thing is selecting the right legal form for your business. Then, it’s time to battle German bureaucracy, which includes, of course, lots of paperwork.

Each chapter links to everything you could possibly need to know about starting a business in Germany.

Viel Erfolg (good luck)!

Want to go straight to a roadmap on how to incorporate a GmbH/UG? ➡ We’ve got you covered.

Chapter 1: Business visas, residence & work permits

If you’re from a “third country”, you have to get the proper business visa, residence permit and work permit before you can do anything else.


Chapter 2: Business legal forms in Germany

How you legally structure your business will affect your personal liability and taxation.

In this chapter, familiarise yourself with the specifics of each major legal form in Germany, including weighing the pros and cons.


Chapter 3: Preparing to start a business

Laying down a strong foundation for your business depends on the pre-formation phase.

Most importantly make sure you can open a business bank account with your passport – sometimes this can be a roadblock.


Chapter 4: Forming a business in Germany


The number of steps (mostly registrations) in a business formation process depends on its legal form.


Incorporating a company such as a GmbH or UG naturally comes with the most red tape.



Chapter 5: Post formation

After you’ve made your business official, the bureaucracy keeps coming.

This section covers all the necessary registrations, setting up accounting systems, etc., you have to get done.



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