Introducing the Berlin Founders Fund: The VC fund by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

updated on 23. October 2023 1 minutes reading time
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Silicon Allee wants to be your BFF!

Doing business in Germany isn’t easy. Entrepreneurs need all the help they can get especially in the early stages. Increasingly in Germany, founders are struggling to find financing in the ideation stage and have no chance of progressing beyond that.

That’s why Silicon Allee’s recent announcement of the Berlin Founders Fund (BFF) is the best thing since sliced bread. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill private investor accelerator programme or VC fund, but a fund that is for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

The BFF’s sole purpose is to make entrepreneurs in Berlin successful – and is baked into its DNA in the following ways:

  • It’s an equity-free fund.
  • It’s funded with public money – the European Social Fund and the State of Berlin seeded it with €1.5M.
  • Founders are supported with the full force of the Silicon Allee network (Klarna, Skype, SoundCloud, WeTransfer to name a few).
  • It funds founders to spend up to three months working with its global partners.
  • Founders receive €2,000 per month for up to one year to focus on their idea full-time.
  • It backs founders who want to grow their business internationally from Berlin.

As advocates for entrepreneurship in Berlin and beyond this is very welcome news at

Do you want Silicon Allee to be your BFF? Apply for the fund here:

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