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Doing business in Germany isn’t easy. You’re constantly hit with tricky questions that you don’t know where to begin to answer. Questions like: How do I deal with warnings, trademark problems, legal disputes with employees, customers, business partners or the competition? How do I find solutions for customer acquisition, business plans, websites, digital work and IT infrastructure?

That's why we've created the Club exclusively for our customers that offers ongoing business & legal support for €9.99/month. No more asking random people on forums or receiving surprise invoices from lawyers - you'll know exactly what to do and how much it'll cost whenever you've got a problem to solve.

This is our special introductory offer instead of €29.99/month.


  • Unlimited number of initial legal consultations on any legal problem (30 min each)*
  • A monthly invitation to a members only webinar covering relevant topics for founders
  • Discounts and rebates for products and services from partners
  • Subscription to our newsletter by German business experts

For each submitted legal problem you’ll receive an initial 30 minute telephone consultation by one of our partnering lawyers. If the matter is particularly complicated and you want further advice, you’ll receive a fixed price offer for your mandate from the lawyer. Only one initial consultation is possible per legal problem.

Access to future membership upgrades:

In the future, Club members will be offered an upgraded membership that offers unlimited number of additional initial telephone consultations on various business matters (customer acquisition, business plan, websites, digital work, IT infrastructure).

Valid for customers only

Price per month

9.99 excluding tax

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