firmaSPACE update: Papas Shorts

updated on 30. October 2023 1 minutes reading time
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Last week firmaSPACE residents Papas Shorts flexed their pitching muscles to get a full grant from the GründungsBONUS!

GründungsBONUS supports founders in their first financial year by funding up to 50% of their total eligible costs up to a maximum of €50,000.

This government-sponsored programme is delivered by IBB Business Team GmbH and funds technological, digital, creative or sustainable Berlin-based startups under twelve months old.

Papas Shorts was started in March 2018 by Tom Apel and Robert Frackowiak and have been part of the firmaSPACE family since April 2018.

Tom and Robert are shaking things up in the German fashion industry by being the first direct-to-consumer e-commerce startup for men’s shorts in Germany. By producing and selling high-quality, functional and sustainable shorts throughout the whole year, they are catering for the needs of this often neglected market. Tom and Robert are currently driving business growth through innovative marketing and sales strategies that lead to low CACs, high return rates and strong brand identification and community building.

At we’re happy to be part of Papas Shorts’s community and for them to be part of ours. And, are super excited about their recent success!

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